Thursday, January 24, 2013

The end of 2012

So, what do you do when you haven't posted on your blog for.... months?  I can't remember the date of the last one.  Post a million pictures!

Abby and Katelyn at Temple Square.  Such a cold and perfectly fun night.

 This may be one of the proudest moments of my life.  My little Katelyn was so beautiful at her first recital in her blue tutu and my make-up.  She danced beautifully to Toy Land and I loved spoiling her with roses.  Dave was able to join us from China by the miracle of Skype and an iPhone.  Seriously.  It was amazing.

 Sometime last fall.  Oh aren't they just the cutest??  Abby had to have her blankie in the picture, of course.
 This one has a story.  We were at the water conservatory enjoying the beautiful gardens (I was in heaven) and taking pictures of my kids.  Well, Abby decided that it was her turn and pushed Katelyn off the bench where I was taking her picture, climbed up and posed for me.  (See the next pic.)  Seriously, my little Abby is a funny girl.  :)
 Love the Alpine Loop.  Love Ethan's yellow rain boots.  And love that they were all giggling because I pushed the timer button and ran as fast as I could and then picked up the kids for the picture.

 Cool shot of the drinking fountain at the water conservatory.
 Well, isn't that just the cutest.  LOVE it.
 I might as well get in one picture.  
 The first snow storm was so powdery that it was hard to build snowman.  (And yes, the slopes were calling my name... and no I haven't gone for 6 years... we're sure saving a lot of $$ though. ;)
 So fun. Our neighbor invited Ethan's little preschool class to her parent's farm and let the kids ride horses, a little chariot behind a lawn mower, feed the ducks in the pond and just have a good time outside.  Awesome trip.
 Abby's no-smile smile.  My cute little lady bug.  Ethan's superman costume.  This was taken on Halloween and it was amazing that we didn't even have to wear jackets that night because it was so warm!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family picture... fun or tired?

We had so much fun taking pictures a couple weeks ago!  Okay, so the kids were sick, ended up with high fevers and we were all tired.  Thanks Heidi for taking the time to try to make us smile!!

This is one of my favorite pictures because Dave and I are doing our best to make them smile and Katelyn is especially miserable.  Say cheese!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 6th anniversary to the love of my life.  I would be nothing without you.  We keep getting better looking every year. ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Out of the mouth of babes

Katelyn:  We found some dead worms.
Me:  Don't touch them... what are you doing?
Katelyn/Ethan:  We're giving them food (leaves).
Me:  They're dead, they don't need to eat.
Katelyn/Ethan:  Well, when Jesus comes again and they are alive, they can eat them.

I love their faith!  So cute.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Abby!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little Abby!  You are such a miracle in our lives and we love you so much!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Dave's sister Jenny is in town and invited us to her 3 three old daughter's b-day bash.  We went to Airborne and had a blast!  In case you haven't heard of it, it's a place full of trampolines and fun stuff.  Seriously, who wouldn't have fun there?  I loved it and I was just playing with the kids!  (I didn't try my back flip... what are the chances that I can still do it and not break my neck?  I didn't want to see. :))

Katelyn showed me her skills on the balance beam.
 Abby LOVED it!
 She was screaming with excitement the whole time!

 My handsome jumper.  (Did I mention he'll be 3 next week???)
 Dodgeball!  (And Abby will be 1 next week!!)
 Climbing the rope ladder.  Seriously, I would have loved this place as a kid.
 Abby fell in and had to chill for a while because she couldn't move.
 My brave Ethan.  This isn't a slide, it's a jump.  Go Ethan!
 Independent Abby going for a crawl.
 How far are you going to go Abby?
 She loved to jump with me.
 LOVE those cute little teeth.
 And her funny little crazy faces.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Modge Podge in a mixed up order

Time, where have you gone?

My little baby is almost 1!  If someone wouldn't mind telling me where the past year has gone, that would be great.  Little Abby is an absolute joy.  She's climbing the stairs like a pro and when I come after her, like the paranoid mother that I am, she squeals and moves faster on her stiff little toes.  She usually crawls really fast into a corner.  Oh, she makes me laugh.
 At my cute little brother's wedding, my dad was a real trooper.  He had just finished his 3rd treatment of Chemo and had lost his hair.  Doesn't he look dashing in his hat?  It was a long night for him, but he did great.  Love you Dad.  He's now finished his 4th treatment and we're waiting for results.

 Could they be any happier?  I don't think so.  Trev and his new wife, Ashley, are the cutest couple.  What a beautiful wedding.
 Ethan's face says it all.  He was so hot, exhausted and tired of being in his suit, that he climbed onto my lap during the dancing and didn't move.  Katelyn was close behind him.  It was a beautiful reception.
Katelyn's BFF's.  I was laughing so hard because these three "princesses" came down in their dress-ups and let me know that they were the three Musketeers.   CUTE.
 Snow!  Finally.  This was our only chance to go sledding, so we took it.  (Have I mentioned yet that I was ready to run out the door the other day to go skiing.  It's driving me crazy.  I need to get into the mountains with some ski's on my feet!)
 The kids had SOOOO much fun.  We started on the small hills and built up.  Katelyn always surprises us and turns out to be the dare devil after her initial timidity.  She was going down the hill upside down, on her belly, standing up and a few other ways.  That's my girl.  Scared of dogs, but loves roller coasters!  Abby loved it too and says "EEEeeeee!"
 Then we went to the children's Book of Mormon exhibit at the Church History Museum.  It was very crowded, but tons of fun.  Here they are building a... house?  It doesn't matter as long as they can knock it down.
 I can't help posting this one.  Look at Abby's huge smile.  :)  They're "planting" veggies.
 Just try not to think of the millions of kids that have stuck they're mouths on the windows in Noah's Ark.
 You always have to finish off a fun day with ice cream.  It's a Hoth rule.  :)  And clever Katelyn is trying to "drink" her ice cream cone with a straw.  Just in case you want to try it... it didn't work very well.
 Yeah, I love Daddy!  Doesn't she have the cutest scrunched nose?  And this isn't even the best picture of her talent. She can wrinkle up her nose like nobody's business.
 This is the best thing EVER!  I drew cards one day with pictures of the kids' jobs.  Get dressed, make bed, dishwasher, etc.  Then we turned them over, picked one and did the job until we were done.  It was like magic!  The kids had a great time and finished their jobs quickly.  The next day, Katelyn wanted to draw her own.  I helped her spell a couple of them, but she finished the rest by herself.  I love the one that says "gitrest" (get dressed) and her (hair).

 And another pic of Trev-man and Ashley and the parent's.  Don't ask me why I call him Trev-man.  I just always do.  Isn't he handsome?